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         For an interpreter, to enter the market, the development of the customer may be only a few fixed or routine, but way to lose customers and market are many, perhaps to the movie title, called "one million ways to exit the market".   下面从反面简单介绍几个口译员失去市场的方法,供大家引以为戒。     The method introduces several negative interpreters lose market from below, for everybody to learn a lesson.   一、水平不济     First, the level is not good   没有哪个客户愿意雇佣水平或资质不够的译员。试想如果一个译员词汇量贫瘠得连大学四级的水平都达不到,张口满是语法错误,语音语调古怪到极点,恐怕简历写得再精彩也不会在市场长久立足。     No client is willing to hire an interpreter with a lower level of competence or lack of qualifications. Just imagine if an interpreter's vocabulary is so poor that he can't even reach the four level of the University. His mouth is full of grammatical mistakes, and his pronunciation and intonation are so extreme that I'm afraid that his resume will be written in a wonderful way and won't stay in the market for a long time.   二、资质不够     Two, qualification is not enough   这里的“资质”包含领域很宽泛,既可以指译员对语言的掌握达不到客户的要求,还可以指没有口译资格证书、经验的欠缺、职业素养不够甚至“看上去感觉不好”。     Here the "qualification" contains the field is very broad, can refer to the translator of the mastery of language is not up to the requirements of customers, you can also refer to no interpretation certificate, lack of experience, not even "occupation literacy looks don't feel good".   曾经有个学葡萄牙语的学妹某次被客户投诉,仅仅因为“衣着搭配不合适、显得不职业”;还有个学姐,仅仅因为面相显年轻,看起来像在校学生就莫名其妙失去好几次机会,以至她再也不在求职简历上放照片;甚至还有译员因为“气场太大”有喧宾夺主之嫌而被客户无情地刷下去。     There was once a Portuguese girl is a customer complaint, just because of "inappropriate dress collocation, is not occupation"; and a sister, just because the surface looks like a remarkable young students will lose rather baffling several chances, that she was no longer in job resume photos; even the interpreter because of the gas field is too big "there is overwhelming too by ruthless brush down customers.   而客户永远不会告诉你真正的原因。这不禁使我想到刚毕业求职时自己总结出的一个血的教训:喜欢你,一个理由就够;不喜欢你,一万个借口都不嫌多。     And the customer never tells you the real reason. This can not help but think of my graduation job, I summed up a bloody lesson: like you, a reason is enough; do not like you, ten thousand excuses are not too much.   三、挑三拣四     Three, Pick and choose   有的译员“心比天高”,恨不得出了校门就天天给国际会议、高级官员做同传,对陪同、交传等不屑一顾,对别人好心介绍的机会挑三拣四、拈轻怕重,这样的结果就是用不了多久,机会都离他而去。     Some interpreters "XinBiTianGao", hate school every day to the international conference, senior officials to do simultaneous interpretation, consecutive, accompanied by a contemptuous disregard of others, good opportunity to introduce choosy, nianqingpazhong, such a result is not long, the chance had gone away.   在口译圈中有个“潜规则”,如果某个译员推掉了同一个翻译公司或同一家客户两次以上的活儿,那么绝对没有第三次机会。     There is a "hidden rule" in the interpretation circle. If an interpreter pushes out the same translation company or the same customer more than two times, then there is absolutely no third chance.   改革开放30多年,翻译市场已经不像当初那样紧俏,中低端的翻译大把抓,甚至还有新人愿意“倒贴钱求经验”;而高端市场的翻译也大有人在,不会出现“缺了谁会议就开不下去”的情形。因此,耍大牌的译员,特别是水平不甚高架子却不小的译员,只能落个“搬起石头砸自己的脚”的地步。     30 years of reform and opening up, the market has been translated as they once did in the lowmarket is also not a" lack of There are plenty of people who, who will not open meeting on "situation. Therefore, an interpreter who is a big interpreter, especially an interpreter who is not very tall and has a small shelf, can only fall to the point of "lifting a stone to drop his own foot".   四、人员变动     Four, personnel changes   经常合作的翻译公司换了业务员、客户机构项目经理的变动、中介公司竞标失败……所有这些都会影响译员的生计,对自由职业译员的“饭碗”影响尤其大。     The frequent co cooperation with the interpreter, they came to power after the course is more willing to use their own people ", rather than his predecessor's resources   五、情商不高     Five, EQ is not high   有的译员,对“经营人脉”、“巩固客源”之类的事情嗤之以鼻,自称是清高的人,不屑于“拉关系”、“走后门”。     Some of the interpreter, "network" and "consolidate the source" things like sniff at claiming to be aloof person, and disdain to "pull" and "back door".   但结果是就连同班、同年级毕业的人有了机会也不愿意通知他,因为他“让人觉得不舒服”。     But the result is that even those who are in the same class and the same year do not want to let him know because he is "uncomfortable"".   “经营人脉”和“挖人墙角”是两回事,“处事圆滑”、“左右逢源”不一定要“损人利己”。     "Network" and "dig corner" is different, "tactful" and "success" does not have to be selfish".   “情商高”不等于“为达目的不择手段”,让人感觉舒服是最起码的礼貌。有些新译员自诩“正直清高”,不愿花时间去经营人脉、拓展关系,甚至连送上门的机会都不屑一顾,这在我看来是不成熟的表现。     "EQ" is not equal to "for the purpose of doing nothing", "make people feel comfortable" is the least polite. Some new interpreters claim "integrity lofty", take the time to business contacts and develop relationships, even the opportunity to send home have a contemptuous disregard, which in my opinion is not mature performance.   没有谁喜欢忘恩负义之人,向为自己提供机会的人表达感恩之心,是礼貌和修养的体现,也是素质的表现。    No one likes ungrateful people, and expressing gratitude to those who offer opportunities for themselves is a manifestation of courtesy and accomplishment, as well as a quality.   六、自主选择     Six, independent choice   在翻译市场,每年都有若干老手暂时或永久性地退出市场,原因可能各不相同:自觉年纪大了,找到了朝九晚五、旱涝保收的固定职业;进入国内外的高等学府继续深造以提高水平;结婚生子;退居二线,转向翻译公司的经营管理……应该看到,正是这些资深译员的退出,给了新人进入市场的机会。但新人能否填补老手留下的空缺就是另一个问题了。     In the translation market, there are a number of veteran temporarily or permanently out of the market each year, the reasons may vary: consciousness of older, fixed occupation found nine to five, Hanlaobaoshou; into the domestic and foreign universities to continue their education in order to improve the level of; married; take a back seat to management translation company...... It should be noted that the exit of these senior interpreters gave newcomers a chance to enter the market. But the question of whether a new person can fill the gap left by an old man is another question.